Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farmhouse Inspired Wire Basket

Despite some of the daily stresses and procrastination the last couple of months following my car accident have brought me, I decided today would be high time to get out of the house and ENJOY some stress free time.

 I still haven't received my settlement (and I don't care to be honest, I just want my medical bills taken care of so I am out of the harassment pool with threats of being turned over to collections).

UGH. JOYS of no health insurance and someone else's bad driving - it costs you more than you can imagine.

So instead of dragging around the house, I decided to go out to the pottery with the kids and Doug. While rummaging through things I was "ooooh'ing and aaaah'ing" over, I found these BEAUTIFUL galvanized twisted metal wire baskets!! OH MY WORLD!!

I initially had a locker room basket in my hand, but when I found this one, I was just smitten and had to get it. It had a rustic old farmhouse look to it, and I knew exactly what I wanted it for! - My built in cabinet in the bathroom.

By the way - I am giving that an awesome (budget friendly) HUGE make over. I can NOT wait to share it with you all!! SOON!

But for now, this BEAUTY :)) - I have seen them online for $48, but picked this up for $16! What a steal!

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