Friday, May 11, 2012

A Photo A Day??

I decided, in order to kill daily stresses, I'd take on a photo a day challenge. - I mean, why not?? Still having issues with my back, and dying to finish my den, but alas I will hold out until I feel 100% (or 80ish maybe?). Still have yet to settle with the insurance company :/ Maybe soon? In the meantime, here are some of my "photo a day" entries :) Maybe a bit of calm to the day! ENJOY :))
6 May 2012 - Super Moon

6 May 2012: Dandelion Puffs In My Yard

7 May 2012: Me, Ready To Paint Some Base Boards

8 May 2012: The Window To My Back Yard Shed

9 May 2012: The Sun Through Darkened Tree Leaves

9 May 2012: Gladiolus In My Flower Bed In Bloom

10 May 2012: Gladiolus In My Flower Bed in Full Bloom

11 May 2012: Mapple Tree Leaves in My Yard

So far, so good. Definatley something I plan to keep up with for the rest of the year.  The kids are doing well, MiMi's last day of school is June, 8th, and then she will be going onto 2nd grade.

WHAT?! I know, it makes me sad also. She is just growing far too fast for me...

Matter of fact, so is my little guy...

Hope everyone else in the blogosphere is doing alright. Be blessed :))

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