Wednesday, December 9, 2009


DIY Frosted Glass Baby Food Jar Tea Light/Votive Candle Holders:
I waited a few days before I posted these because I wanted to make sure they held up well. If you are like me and have TONS of baby food jars after your mini one eats, you probably like to recycle them or find some use for them besides the dumpster, right?? How about making one of these beauties??
I chose a dragonfly because I am obsessed with them (you should see my living room)..
First you will need to gather the following materials:

* 1 can of Valspar Frosting Spray (or another frosting spray) $4 at Lowes
* 1 (or more) empty cleaned and dry GLASS baby food jars
* 1 (or more) sheet(s) of regular old stickers (found mine for 65 cent in the greeting card isle of wal mart
* 1 tea light candle or small votive

Next Step: Place a sticker of your liking somewhere on your baby food jar, or more than one if you want or if you have a larger jar (per say a mason jar):
VERY IMPORTANT: Spray this jar facing DOWN!! You DO NOT want to get the frosting spray inside the jar (I did the first time and it was a mess cleaning it out). So spray it facing down, 1 or 2 or more coats, whatever you fancy. Let it dry a little before applying more than one coat, after your final coat of spray let it dry over night:
They will look like this:
PEEL off the stickers (carefully) if you happened to spray inside the jar (as you can see on one of mine) just clean it out with a paper down or a finger nail, or whatever gets the job done really..and the end result is a beautiful tea light / votive candle holder as seen on the top entry of my page! Since these are so itty bitty I couldn't get a good photo of them illuminating in the dark, but trust me it's CUTE:) and CHEAP and FUN! And they make a cute little stocking stuffer as well with one of your favorite scented mini candles;) Additionally if you so desire you can spray paint the lids a color of choice or wrap a ribbon around them to doll them up:)



  1. I tried to make these with my daycare kids and once the paint dried, it rubbed off. I did use another brand of spray paint, Krylon, but I thought it would work the same. Just wondering if the Valspar brand rubbed off at all? I would hate to go and buy another can of spray paint and have it do the same thing. Otherwise, they look very cute and were easy to do!

    1. Hello, I never tried the Krylon brand glass frosting spray, but the Valspar brand does NOT rub off at all :) I made these some time ago and the paint still held up:) I just lightly dust them off when need be, and I keep them in my bathroom (where high humidity often comes in and out). I would maybe try a clear coat spray if the Krylon brand is rubbing off. Valspar was about $5 for a can at Lowe's and it has lasted me may a number of projects. I hope that helps. What a fun project for your daycare kids :))

  2. I should also note that I used about 3 applications (letting them dry thoroughly between).

  3. I love this idea!!! Very oringinal! I'm going to be doing this project this week! :)

  4. after spraying glue, you could try adding glitter...the dragonfly shape will be left without glitter in the middle, and it looks very pretty :)

  5. Hey, Anon, that sounds even better;) Would love to see if you try :)) Cute idea!

  6. Am a crafter and think these would sell well a variety of themes would be fun. When using a sticker do you spray over it then peel?

    1. Yes ma'am:) that's exactly what you do :) have fun crafting :)