Monday, December 28, 2009

MiMi's Tinkerbell/Garden Bedroom Make Over, Part I

Do you remember MiMi's room before? Lots of tinkerbell. Possibly even TOO much tinkerbell. Too much tinkerbell = commercialized and bleh.

Granted it's a lot cuter than what I had as a kid..

It still is not what I wanted MiMi's room to look like. It wasn't the cute little garden retreat with a dash of tinkerbell in it that I had envisioned sooo long ago. (Yeah I do a lot of envisioning but with no money I do a ton of budgeting and waiting to do something I want).

And so when I was at bed bath and beyond the other day, contemplating what I could get with my $75 worth of gift cards, I decided I'd rather buy a bigger item to use the 20% off coupon as opposed to a bunch of towels and not saving big.

I rumaged through comforters galore, NOTHING under 60 bucks for a single comforter. some were even 200! GAH, NO!!

Then I found the kids linens and was ecstatic to see a 16 piece full room in a bag for only 129 bucks!
Madison Room-in-a-Bag

no way?! It had TWO sheet sets of (fitted, flat and pillow cases). TWO gorgeous shams, ONE huge fluffy comfortable comforter, two window valances and TWO cutie pie decorative pillows. mm hmm, I so bought it!

Then today my ideas started to flow.

I took down the ugly old wooden curtain rods and settings and spray painted and distressed them in antique white.

I put up all her bedding and some lanterns.

I also took the cute tinkerbell ornament my inlaws gave mimi (it was too cute; I dare not stash it away for ONLY the tree, once a year) and I went to wal mart and found this cute bronze lantern on sale for ten bucks and put tink in it..

Tomorrow I am heading off to lowes to buy a section of picket fence and make that her headboard.

Then this weekend I am going to sand and finish a dresser I have for her. I can NOT wait to have this all done! i am in love with it!! hehe.

We have been making over our 65 rancher slowly and steadily since we purchased it in 2004..and it's been a slow process but it's almost done:)

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