Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's hard for me to believe 2009 is over, but in way I am kind of glad it's come to an end. It was the best of times (having Ethan, watching MiMi start pre k, all the little things in between). And the absolute worst of times, which I really don't feel like going into.

I always make new years resolutions and with the exception of one year I actually kept my resolution. (haha, pathetic, right?!)

So this year I have a few resolutions;

There's the ever popular resolution to lose weight (but I've already started and only pray I can keep up, I am sick of depression eating).

To finish at FTCC (provided I get a grant, there is no other way I can afford it).

And push myself to do things I don't think I will really like, just for the sake of saying, I DID IT!

Then there is the same one I always make, to stop letting people use me for things and walk all over me to get things (I never keep this one, because I think for the most part I am so excited to have company on any given day that I don't care that people are fake)..Well, that's pretty much over with. If I wasn't good enough for you last year, than don't expect me to come around this year.

Believe it or not all of these mini resolutions have a lot to do with my children. They will always come first. I want to be healthier for myself and for them.

I want to finish school so that I wont have to worry about finances, I want to be self sufficient and not rely on my old line of work (real estate assistant). Not that it's a bad line of work, but it's not really top dollar at all.

Right now I am in such a foul mood, but I promised not to get into all of that so I wont. I do however hope all of you have a wonderful 2010 and make the most of it.

And wish me luck w/ my resolutions, GOD knows I'll need it! LOL

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