Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things that randomly suck..

Ready? Let's go..

* I have a giant canker sore on the underside of my lip from where the dentis used a metal retractor to pull my lip back. It's HUGE, it's ugly, it burns, and looks like someone gave me the herps..(thankfully my dentist assured me it was not the herps but indeed a big old canker sore). I have never had one and they HURT!!

* My socket is disgusting. No matter how much I clean it (constanlty) it's just gross, the blood clot or whatever is foul (tmi). I will be SO glad once it heals. Thankfully Sabrina gave me her prescription strength mouth wash. Until this thing heals I am cursed with the most disgusting breath. AND I SWEAR to hell I brush and floss 3 x a day and rinse w/ this salt water CONSTANTLY. GROSS:( and EW!

* I have come to realize that my friends where right all along. The guy and I will NOT work. He constantly lies to me. He has like pathelogical liar-itis. (yes, I am aware it is not even a word). After he pissed 5 k on the credit card on random crap, I am done. That and when I asked to see what he bought he showed me one month worth on line, when I clicked to see the last 6 months, this bitch SERIOUSLY shoved me out of the chair so I couldn't see. Just..WOW.. Yeah, I am not the hot or thin but i deserve better. More importanlty OUR children deserve a better home life.

* I pray to GOD I find a 3rd shift job. DEAR GOD, please hear me, I reaaaaaaaaally need you right now, it has been a bad last year for me and it continues to get less hopeful, but I am holding out that this all has a purpose. Please hear me, and please help me help myself.

So there's my vents of the week. As you may or may not be able to tell, it's been shoddy. I have a headache from crying so hard. Good night beauties!

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