Friday, January 29, 2010

TGIF..what for?

I always get excited for Fridays, but I am really, honestly not sure why.

I mean, my day will be the same one way or another. My job is full time non stop, all the time, so what difference does it make if it's a Friday or a Monday? Maybe for a Friday I can sleep in an extra 20 minutes when ''butterfingers'' does with out getting up super early to get MiMi and myself ready for her school day.

Speaking of which, she has a field trip coming up next Friday, I am still debating whether I want to go or not. It all depends on if I can find someone to watch my little man for 4 hours. Good luck there, right?

He's growing too damn fast. It's hard to believe that he would actually only JUST be turning 9 months, (he came almost a month early) and he's so big.

I just adore him, he's such a sweet baby (when he's not fighting me for a nap):

Don't hate on the pink blocks, he gets a ton of hand me downs from his older sister. Besides, if anyone is that crazy about boys not having pink, I think I am more scared of them;)

Pink bottles..hey, we don't discriminate in this household, it has the same functionality as any other colored block. (although I will admit if I am out in public I do try to leave the pink bottle at home)..

On the 5th he'll have his late 9 month check up and vaccinations. I'll know then how big he has grown exactly.

I sold a few things off of CL and used it to buy lunch money for the next few weeks for MiMi and I bought a can of pale pink spray paint at wal mart..I will be making over her ceiling fan sometime tomorrow. (I hope).


  1. There's nothing wrong with pink blocks at all. You know that I want some pics of your project!

  2. thanks hon:D heehhe! i will as soon as i get to it:) i'm excited to start!:D

  3. We need to craft together.. What are you up to this week??