Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Puffy tutu for drawing winner.

Here is one of the tutu's I made for my tutu drawing on babycenter. I plan to do one over here (if I ever get any subscribers) hehe.

This one is with pale pink and blue tulle, I used 75 yards and it came out super puffy. It works for size 12 months right on up to size 5 (girls) b/c of the elastic band.

I love it and just hope my little guy never has to see that I used him to model it (haha, what?) Sometimes a photo of a tutu just doesn't do it justice unless it's on a baby:)

So here we go, I will do a tutu drawing here also, once my subscriber list hits 80.

So, subscribe, leave a comment and as soon as my list hits 80 I will use the randomizer to pick one winner at random:) Good luck:D

1 comment:

  1. very cute tutu. I was wondering if you used tulle from a spool or bolt? Also is it tied or sewed? Just curious.