Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a random blog

I seldom blog about myself or my anyway..

So why not?
Yesterday we finally put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Yep, the good old 6.5 foot fake tree we snagged at 75% off at Wal Mart the year of the day after my daughter's first Christmas in 05. mm hmm. I liked that kind of special!:)

She's been a kind of staple in our home every Christmas..
Wait..did I say every Christmas? Well, except for the one Christmas we had unwelcomed house guests (fleas) and we had EVERYTHING cleaned and put up during our terminix fogging. (dreaded things!)
Otherwise though she's served her purpose well, MiMi loves the fake tree, she doesn't shed, she doesn't require me to lug her to the lawn the next morning and she looks half ass decent, wouldn't ya say?
Sure I like the smell of a real tree, but nothing a good old yankee candle can't fix:) haha..seriously.
And this Christmas will be Ethan's first and I am excited about that.
Granted we are road tripping to Georgia to see Doug's family this Christmas, we still intend to do one here on the 23rd with the children and my parents. After all, I like to make first memories in my home. It's a tiny little 65 rancher and most people wouldn't give it a second look, but we've put a lot of work into her and she's becoming our home and I love it more each day (except for when things break then I curse the day we ever bought it).
So yes, procrastinator, I am but the tree is finally up and we finished the little one's Christmas presents yesterday, and surprisingly the stores were not bad like I had prepared myself for.

Thank GOD for a credit card is all I can say, but thankfully the tax return next year will pay it off.
Have a Merry Christmas // Happy Holidays everyone!! I'll share some photos sometime when we get back after the New Years:)

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