Saturday, December 19, 2009

DIY Photo Tutorial: Card Stock Paper Gift Bows

DIY PHOTO TUTORIAL: Card Stock Paper Bows..

Materials Needed:
* Glue Gun//or//Stapler
* One piece of card stock or scrap book, etc paper
* Scissors
Step One: Cut 9 Strips of Paper Full Cardstock Length.

*Leave 3 piece the full length
* Trim off 1 inch off of 3 of the pieces
* Trim 2 inches off of 2 of the pieces
* Cut the last piece of paper so that it is only 3.5 inches long

Start by folding each strip in half:
Dab some hot glue on the back of the folded piece in the center.
Twist one end over so that it will meet the dab of hot glue, add another dab of hot glue atop that piece then twist the other end in the opposite direction and secure it.

For the smallest piece, make a circle, they should look like this when you are done prepping for your bow: Finally start layering the pieces as pictured from largest to smallest:

The final piece in the center will be the rounded piece. In the end you get a cute and textured cardstock bow:)

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