Friday, November 13, 2009

7 months already?

This is my youngest, Ethan. Whom you will more and likely hear me refer to as, bubby, butterfingers b aby, bubby monster, etc. etc.

Poor child..

It's the 14th already and it totally slipped my mind that he turned 7 months on the 11th.

I am very fond of bubby, as I think he is just the sweetest smiliest thing I have ever come across (and yes, us mother's tend to be partial)!

Bubby absolutely loves his MiMi (sister). Every day that we go pick her up from school I'll tote him in one arm and the moment he sees his MiMi he quickly smiles and burries his head in my shoulder because he is bashful. He'll then attempt to jump out of my arms by contorting his little body to try and reach her. It really is too cute.

And MiMi? Well she's just as fond of Mr. Handsome! But yes, 7 months! wow, I don't remember time flying this quickly with MiMi.

On November 30th we will be back at UNC where Ethan will have his surgery. And, GOD HELP ME, I am nervous as all get out, I mean, I trust this doctor because he was the only one who would see us when I didn't believe bubby's pediatrician. I just knew she was wrong on her diagnosis, or lack there of. I am glad that my persistence and pushing has paid off. I am so so so nervous though. It's a mommy thing, we all worry about our baby's and I'm almost positive we all try to protect them. Me? Possibly too much. I'm sure I'll be the clingiest mom of all, but they are my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So just keep Ethan in your prayers that his surgery on the 30th goes with out incident. And if you have gotten this far, well, THANKS for actually caring enough to read:)

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