Friday, November 13, 2009

So, every child has that one doll that is there everything early on. For MiMi, it's her first stuffed animal. I had just gotten out of my c section with her in March of 2005 when Doug's mom came into our room and brought us this little one from his Grandmom & Granddad for MiMi. For the longest time MiMi would sleep with 'her' all the time. She's (miss bunny) has seen some rough times. She's been left at the park, she's been spit up on, chewed on, trampled on, anything else you can mention.

We even momentarily lost her for a full year (eek). While I did my spring cleaning I happened to find her again and tried my hardest to clean her up. MiMi insisted I make miss bunny a tutu so that she would feel ''pretty''. Do stuffed animal's feel pretty?

Well, it doesn't matter, to the children that own them they do, after all children like to believe in things we as adults have forgotten. I had my own stuffy who I slept with every night until I was 13. My stuffy? A big giant polar bear that my uncle Mike brought in on one of his flights to visit us when we still lived in Texas. I called him "mr. bear" and my dad hated him. One day I came into my room to find Mr. Bear was gone, and the culprit? My father, who offered the excuse that "he's filthy". hmmph.

Of course years later he'd never remember tossing old mr. bear away while I was at school.

I was crushed, as a child Mr. Bear was my little security blanket of sorts (don't laugh you all had a stuffy also, maybe not as fond and late into child hood as me, but hey, you know you did)! lol.

So, needless to say, miss bunny is special to MiMi and now MiMi thinks she is "pretty and feels good about herself". And, so I vow no matter how filthy miss bunny gets, even with her dirty right ear, I will never ever throw her away.

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