Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Photo Generator

Sometimes, I catch myself randomly looking through my photo archives. Ever since my computer crashed last year, I lost pretty much EVERYTHING I didn't previously upload to myspace or email to family. I STILL do not have my most cherished memories:( MiMi from newborn to 3 years is pretty much erased. THANK GOD for the sporadic photos I did manage to save.
So now I make it a habit to back up photos occassionally. Not all, but most.

I obviously have way too many since December of 09 (when we got a new computer) to current that I never posted them all. So, I figured on random sporadic days I can open my gallery close my eyes randomly land my hand on one folder and then randomly land my hand on an image and share it.

So today's random photo generator image is:
From 1.05.09

it's my lovely leaf hurricane that I got from k mart, more and likely it was on clearance. I LOVE leafs! If you don't believe me, my dining room chandelier, along with various leaf decor around the kitchen can back that point up;)

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