Friday, November 27, 2009

Ethan's Surgery..

So, Monday (the 30th) is Ethan's surgery at UNC.

I am only slightly upset at one thing. They told us at our first appointment they would call us the Friday before with the time and instructions. So I am upset that when I call this morning I am surprised to learn that their offices have been closed since Wednesday for the holidays..meaning I can't reach ANYONE that I need to until they re open the actual date of surgery!

Well, that is too late because we have to drive to Chapel Hill for one, and for two they told us we would have a cut off with food and liquids prior to surgery but that they would call us on that friday to let us know the exact we have NO info!! (ugh)!

So I called around and got the hospital operator who was able to give us his surgery time (8:00 am). GOOD! But I still have no info on how early we need to be for his pre labs and prep.. But now we had her page a urology resident to call us back with instructions on when to cut off feeding (this part will be hard). ::sigh::

Is it me or have we been given the run around by multiple people ALL year in regard to not only Ethan but even my crappy hospital experience at Cape Fear where they lost my paper work the day of my c section, only to have them do it stat the next 2 days later b/c "oops we messed up we need to take the baby RIGHT NOW!".

God help me get through the rest of this year, that's all I ask, it's been beyond stressful, especially dealing with Ethan's issue by myself with out any help. I am pretty sure they said only juice after 12 I hope this goes over well and please keep Ethan in your prayers that all goes well for his surgery. I trust the doctor and know that beyond this minor error in calling us and getting us this information that UNC really is one of the best hospitals in the nation and I just pray pray pray for ONE, everything goes well for Ethan and TWO, I can calm my anxiety enough to not be on edge all day/night/weekend until then. :::breaaaath:::

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