Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A few things:
Today there should be 27 candles on my birthday cake. You know, when you become a mom the years just fly by. Sometimes I still feel like the niave 21 year old I was when I had first become pregnant with my oldest child. Other times I feel that no amount of job experience could have given me the preperation for anything in this world quite like having children has. Having children has made me more aware of everything, it's made me a totally different person..
That's a good thing;)
Aside the fact it is my birthday today..(last year I was pregnant with Ethan, standing in line at the presidential polls in the rain; as election day always happens to fall on my birthday).
This year...??

Well, this year I learned I am going to be an aunt, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
Although, I must say the local bakery really has got one up on me in the bad grammar/spelling department..I suppose it's too hard to proof read a cake? hmm?

Anyway, congrats sis! I look forward to being an auntie:)

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