Friday, November 20, 2009


Let's make a wreath!! I have seen countless tutorials for these EVERYWHERE! I found the tutorial on on one blog and later on this blog:

gave me the idea. I figured I'd give it a go and on a budget!! So here is the finished project (oops my flash didn't fire so it's dark) I'll take a photo of it on the door tomorrow if it's sunny out! Total Cost? $12..

STEP 1: Go to the dollar tree and collect the following amount of ornaments (more or less pending your taste). They didn't have much of a selection when I went in..and so..I did what I could. Get small and larger ornaments to rotate out! and your pick of wired ribbon (I couldn't decide so I got both).

STEP 2: Find a wire coat hanger and unravel it and try your darnest to make a decent circle out of it..
Step 3: String the ornaments onto the coat hanger, big..small...big..small, or any order you like really.

Step 4: Don't be alarmed when you start out and it looks like this (LOL):

Because eventually as you keep adding ornaments it will start to look like this (and yes KIDS LOVE MAKING THESE, so have at it!)

Step 6: When you are done tie the hanger back up and add a bow..perhaps you actually know how to do a bow (I CAN NOT TO SAVE MY LIFE). So I enlisted the help of Doug.

And again I will take a photo tomorrow at some point to show it better:) ENJOY!!

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