Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love Adobe <3

Yes, I really do. Love Adobe that is. I have tried a ton of photo editing software in the last 8 years and I have to say Adobe products are my favorite. Sure they can break the bank if you don't exactly have a couple to a few hundred, or in some cases six hundred bucks to fork over. BUT TRUST me when I say Adobe can take one of your BLAH digital photos and turn it into high quality when you learn the program.

My favorite adobe program by far is LIGHT ROOM. It's worth every red cent! I am always able to fix bad lighting and contrasting in this program. It makes overcast days look like bright and sunny, no body's business days;) Take my word for it, I KNOW.

What would I have done had I never discovered adobe?

Some of my photos just wouldn't be so bright and vibrant. That's what!:) Now if you are a penny pincher (like me) you can spot about 80 for my other FAVORITE program. It's called Picture It! and it's by microsoft.

Picture It! is really easy to learn and has EVERYTHING Adobe does, except you have to KNOW it to do the same actions. So when I first purchased Picture it! years ago it was over 100 bucks, but I went and snagged it off who made an pricing mistake on their website and listed it for only 19 bucks! YES! and was awesome and let me snag it for 19 bucks, even though it was well over 100!

That program is my first love! haha.

Anyway, Christmas is coming up and I have yet to purchase the kids their outfits for outdoor portraits I plan to take. I did get a few of baby butterfing.ers though:) I just love his smile, but I am his mother after all..

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