Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby shopping, etc.

The other day my grandma in Jersey called, she was making mention of sending MiMi and Ethan a birthday gift, along the conversation she had mentioned that so much was happening soon, both kids birthdays, graduations, a wedding and 'the baby'.

For some reason (I blame my lack of sleep), I go "what baby, whose having a baby?"

She stopped and laughed and goes, "YOUR SISTER".

Oh, DUH of course, lol, how could I have thought she was speaking of someone else?
Mommy brain, I blame it all on mommy brain, and, that thing called NO SLEEP:)

With that reminder of sorts, I finally went on my sister's baby registry (granted she isn't due until July) and purchased her the bedding she had on there, it's really cute in person, this is what she picked out:

Ohhh, and I am so cheap, you know I saved on shipping by doing the wal mart site to store. haha, she doesn't mind, really, the last thing I sent her the same way. Word of advice to online retailers, OFFER free shipping or DISCOUNTED shipping codes, or lose A TON of business to places that do offer free shipping options.

Moving along, I also FINALLY went out and bought packaging tape to send her the baby package I put together for her. OH GOSH, let me just say I am not only compromised in my memory, I also can not tape to save my life! The packaging tape I puchased came in a fancy dispenser (I suppose for folks like me who are tape challenged) only this made things sooo much worse. When I was done the box looked like a crumped up taped all over mess.

Even the woman at the post office shot me a look peering over her glasses.

She then darted her eye to Ethan who was chubbily asleep over my shoulder. She smiled and nodded at me, as though she understood.

If only she knew.

This is what I sent my sister in her package:

my fav..omgi loooove elephants stuff for babies lol
these below are organic ..they are at babies r us too it's koala baby brand om they have the cutest stuff!

Then I found her this blanket at wal mart:
Child of Mine - Cuddle Plush Blanket with Satin Binding, Pink

Of course I am impatient and I never got my flat rate box so with priority shipping, insurance and signature confirmation, it was 20 bucks to send that thing clear across the US to California.

And I think I am done baby shopping, well until my first neice is born, then it may just happen again:)

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  1. Awww!! It's Mickey -- I'm on Mike's account, LOL!! I love all the gifts SO much!! You have no clue how excited I am to be a mommy and just decorate the "baby area" since I don't exactly have a room for her! It means soooo much to me that you have done all this for me. It is hard for me not to have friends, and to be in a new area. But I appreciate ALL you do for me! I love you! XOXO