Saturday, March 6, 2010


It's just Saturday but feels like the weekend has come to an end already.

Things have been going well. THANK GOD! I never imagined things could go from hell to wonderful in a matter of a week or so. I needed this and he knew this and so I am very thankful and greatful for that.

Today I took the family to cracker barrel and then I decided I'd splurge a bit and bought myself two Yankee Candles. Then I felt guilty. I always feel guilty if I spend money on myself and not my children.

I rarely by myself ANYTHING. haha.

After that we drove to the botanical gardens to pay our entrance fee, only to learn HALF the sites I used in the past for beautiful backdrops were destroyed by some construction they have going on:( nooo! The lake is completely drained:( I hope it comes back soon. It looks horrible right now, it left me with few choices, but I did manage to get in a few good shots, my daughter has blue eyes like me, and so the sun makes us both squint because of our light colored eyes.


Then we made a trip to petsmart so MiMi could see the animals. I had promised her for days we would go and something would always come up, so today we went. Afterwards I realized I needed to put in her cake order for school since her birthday is Wednesday, and we needed cupcakes so we went to the Food Lion next door and ordered the only girly cupcake cake design they had - Hello Kitty! LOL! It's so stinkin' cute! The woman in the bakery who took our order was just sweet as can be, and I was happy to see someone in this town who smiles and seems to enjoy their job, and the people, even if they maybe do not, it's so much better to deal with nice people than sour pusses.

Oh and our bed?

It's still coming along..ever so slowly:) I'll be excited when it's complete. I plan to use Ana's hyde table plans next:)

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  1. Shes gorgeous and she looks JUST like you! I love the bed idea, i've got to look into that soon because a new bed would be nice and i've been getting into DIY stuff.