Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bubby Ethan's 1st Hair Cut! (yes, bubby)!

My son was growing a mullet that any of the camaro driving deep south country boys out in my city would envy. I mean, this little guy had a full on mullet, and while I love the mullets, I must admit, it was less than appealing on my 11 month old.

So with that, I figured I'd take him in today for his first haircut, That and I plan to take his birthday photos out doors just like I did his big sister's, by the old cabin.

Here's my little sugar, this picture was my favorite right after the cut, he got to have a lolli pop (oh bad mommy me all you want, ya only live once!).

Before the cut:

Yeah, my son is huge, he's def. one of the tallest 11 month olds I ever seen,

And more proof that kids grow fast?

Well, it seems like just yesterday I was a 21 year old, finding out I was pregnant for the first time, scared, anxious, overwhelmed, and uncertain, and on the 10th my daughter turned 5. FIVE?! Really?! Where does time go? And again, just yesterday I remember coming home from my job in real estate, and posting belly photos in March 2005 birth club with the other ladies..

It's crazy how fast the children grow. It really is.

The rest of life? Well, let's just say it's getting better, one day at a time.

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