Thursday, March 11, 2010

MiMi's Birthday, etc

So, yesterday my youngest turned 5. FIVE. Crap, already? This is the part where I realize I started my pregnancy at 21, I had an emergency c section after a miserable failed labor at 22, then 5 years flew by and now I'm closer to 30.

Crap, where does it go? It goes everywhere. The time is spent enjoying motherhood, and watching the kids grow. Motherhood is a journey you start out young and when it's all said and done you're a very old soul:) But it's the best journey, even the trying times. Life teaches you lessons, and watching your children grow up is the best lesson I have learned to date.

(besides the one time I got caught being a sticky fingers as a child,oooh that was a bad dad tore me a new one).

Anyway, here are some photos from her big day.

((I won't share the ones from her classroom party b/c I am sure the parents of her class mates wouldn't be too thrilled with me sharing them here with out consent)).

This is the cake I made MiMi:

This is the cupcake cake we bought at food lion for her classroom thing *yep, I used the rings and figure for the cake I made her, b/c i LOVE to recycle, kidding*:

This is my sweetheart blowing out her candles:

captions?? Who needs captions, the rest is self explainitory:

With one of her american girl dolls (just like you) from her grandparents (Dougs folks):

Here's the bitty baby from american girl that bubby and I got her, she LOOOVES it, verdict? totally worth the 115 bucks, she was playing with it all night and had a hard time putting it down for school this morning haha:

Okaaaaaay, found ONE pic with out her classmates in it that I can post, here's bubby trying to steal some cupcake haha:

She had a wonderful birthday, we only had my parents out (I always dread spending a good amount of money for a birthday party and no one shows, because it HAS happened before) lol!!

In other news? My gorgeous sister is now 22 weeks pregnant, GOSH, I only WISH I looked this cute when I was pregnant.

I take that back, I wish I looked that cute NOW lol. I was the pregnant chick with the nose that turned into a record setting swollen meatball on my face, oh yes, pregnancy and pre eclampsia was NOT my friend.

And here is a 4d clip of her baby at 22 weeks, MAN! I remember at 20 weeks with my daughter she was a skeletal alien, my sister's baby looks GOOD for only 22 weeks!:

Oh how I do adore babies! Good thing my sister is in Cali so I don't catch baby fever. But I do desperatley wish she was still in NC with me:( I miss her to pieces!!

I also printed some photos up from MiMi's birthday session that I took and they printed great! and I put some of bubby's on his shelf in my living room:

((ignore the quality of photo of a photo, it's sooo crystal clear in person):

I have got to say, the photos i took replaced the JC Penney photos I paid for and my photos look TONS better. My camera was the best birthday present I ever got 4 years ago I have saved SO much money doing photos on my own. HUNDREDS, possibly thousands!

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  1. I cannot wait to get the copies of my pictures! You truly have an amazing talent. I just wish you could photograph my pregnancy in the coming months! Mimi looked to have a great birthday--still wish I could have been there!! I miss seeing them grow up! And have a great friend/sister like you! Anyway, let me go. Xoxo, Mick