Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bed Building *courtesy of*

Are you curious what all of this lumber is for? Want to take a guess?

Months ago I stumbled onto Ana White's website:

And I fell in love. hmm, in love? That's an understatement, I was floored by this woman's talent! More so? That she isn't greedy at all and SHARES her build plans, FREE.

Budgeting here is tight. We need every penny we make, we don't take any income for granted, and never in our lifes would be be able to afford ANYTHING from the pottery barn catalog.

When I saw Ana's farmhouse pottery barn bed knock off, I was smitten! I knew I had to have it!

So I set aside some of my money and set out to Lowe's this past Saturday. All they really had was white wood pine, when we bought all of our lumber and nails/screws the total was 151 bucks, however we can NOT for the life of us find any UNTREATED white wood 4 x 4 pine posts..ANYWHERE:( Nor can we find the 4 1/2 inch screws the plan calls for. One of the lowe's employees told us a 4 1/2 inch screw does not egsist.

I wonder if it's a lag bolt? Anyone know?

For now we are putting the bed together less the 4 x 4 posts, hopefully a trip to a local lumber yard will help us find the untreated posts we need, and if we get lucky we will figure out what to use in substitution for the elusive "4 1/2 inch screw".

Either way I am tickled pink, and THANK GOD my dad has a large supply of saws and tools, or I would never be able to make this (tools are sooo expensive).

I'll post some photos this weekend of where we are at so far. In the meantime go visit Ana's site! I plan on doing some bookshelves for Ethan's room and just the headboard for MiMi's bed.

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