Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The bug

I am recovering from the nastiest virus I have had in years!

Yesterday I was puking non stop. MiMi had it this past Friday, Ethan caught it the following day, and me? Well it waited until Tuesday at 1 am to wake me up in a fit of the pukies. ugh!

Thankfully, Doug took off work and tended to the children and other duties so I could attempt to rest and recover.

Somehow my legs and tail bone had a case of the moves and wouldn't let me sleep (my luck) so I just laid around in agony all day.

Thankfully it was only at 24 hour bug and today I am feeling back to normal.

So is it me, or does anyone else after recovering from the nasties go "THANK GOD" and feel SO MUCH BETTER to be healthy afterwards? Like, you know? want to do things you normally don't because you feel better?

Yeah, it's probably just me, I am just happy to be better this morning:)

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