Sunday, March 14, 2010

The perfect blue/bedroom make over

Once upon a time, I bought my first house with the love of my life.

It was 2004, and I had an itch to paint. If you had seen the hunter green and salmon colored walls of the 65 rancher when we first purchased her, you would also.

That being said, I didn't know much about picking colors and went with something I thought looked nice on the card, the end result was this HIDEOUS neon electric blue (behr paints, riverside blue):

I ended up being stuck with it for almost 6 years, until last week, I used a portion of the tax return Doug gave me and browsed wal mart, eyeballing and on the look out for the perfect shade of blue/gray/aqua.

I found it in no time at all and $13 later a gallon of it was in my possesion.

I couldn't wait. No, no, infact, I got home, put on my ugly scrubs and got to painting. No primer needed, colorplace paint from wal mart covered up this hideous blue in just TWO coats!!! i was tickled pink.

And hello to my cool, calm, relaxing shade of neutral blue:

And yes, it photographed EXACTLY how it looks in person!! I couldn't be happier!
It went on white and i was scared at first, but later dried to the exact shade on the colorplace paint swatch I had.

And if you are wondering, yes the closet doors are new, I am slowly but surely remodeling my 65 rancher home and she will be everything I ever wanted:)

And, I would take a picture of my whole room, but trust me, when I say 65 rancher, ROOMS built in those houses are SMALL, therefore I had to smush all the furniture and belongs in the middle of the room. Pretty much, if I had taken an entire photo, you would think I belonged on an episode of hoarders:) and, well, that would be bad.

I promise, no dead cats;) And the farmhouse bed? She's coming along wonderfully as well, the measurements for the plan are off but we made a few changes and she'll be done in no time, Just have to sand and paint her now then put her in our room! I am tickled pink!!

I have had this vision for years now, but just never been able to afford it until now:) Well, thanks to Ana'a plans at knockoffwood:) And cheap wal mart paint:) Seriously, you could spent a ton at sherwin williams, and spent like 1/3 at wal mart for paint JUST as wonderful. Did I mention, NO PRIMER was needed to cover that hideous blue??:D


  1. Hey Jen- it's Mick! I loooove how great the color has turned out! Seriously, such an improvement! :-) Also, the bed looks amazing! Who would have thought Doug was a craftman! I'll call him to make my baby's crib set! LOL!! Kidding. I really like what you have done! You definitely made a huuuge improvement in the color selection. I cannot wait to see it all come together. :-) Kudos.

  2. Love your creativity! I bought a 65 rancher too and am slowly renovating her with my limited DIY know-how, not to mention - non-existent budget. EHow is my new best friend! lol! And of course fellow bloggers like you...I want to try revamping my ceiling fan but have no knowledge of electrical wires. How did you remove the fan housing?

  3. HI Jen, I'm also making the farmhouse bed and ran into the same problem u ran into for the center panel.SO what dimension of lumber did u use for the little piece? ur help will be really appreciated thanx