Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Girl Dolls..

When we went to Georgia for Christmas, MiMi fell in love with her cousin's American Girl dolls. They are admitedly pretty stinkin' cute. I don't particularly care for the price tag, but they are pretty good quality and all. Well one day a few months ago I was looking at AmericanGirl.com to get a feel of maybe a birtday present, and again, just so much money.

Eventually though I came across the "bitty babies" and for 45 bucks, I figured okay, why not - when I have enough money. So then here I am with a little over two weeks until MiMi turns 5 and I figured, okay, okay let me go ahead and buy her one of these babies. I was going to get the doll and an outfit, but then I seen the doll with a starter kit was 115 bucks, still high, but whatever, she'll cherish it (i hope), and well, I still remember my first high quality baby doll (that my childhood dog ate none the less). I remember how much I loved my "betsy" and how she was the prettiest baby doll, EVER.

So I figured I wanted MiMi to have her very own super cute baby. So, I nearly finished my order which came to 129 with s&h costs, and I saw "keycode" at the bottom and thought "oops, why don't I google a code before I spend an additional 15ish bucks I don't want to spend". Yes, I am frugal as all get out!

So I found one on retail me not, and lucky me, free shipping so that was pretty awesome haha!

So are you curious what this expensive thing includes? I have to tell ya I still think it's too much money but she really wants it and I told her "mommy can't afford it" so she will be excited to get it for her birthday. Here it is:

Now I wonder if maybe I should of just bought the doll and one of the cute outfit sets b/c it would have been cheaper. LOL I think the carrying doll sack tempted me though. hahaha!


  1. I am *SO* glad you posted this because I am in almost the exact same boat. I wanted to get my girl an AG for Christmas, there are two in particular that she really loves and asks for whenever the catalog comes in the mail. One of them is the bitty baby! She loves the blonde one for whatever reason, lol. I agree that it's kind of insane to spend so much money on a doll....but its SUCH a cute doll! And they are supposedly very high quality, i've spent so much time on Google looking up doll reviews and AG gets great reviews. Corolle is another doll company that makes very high end dolls, apparently most celebrities buy Corolle dolls for their children because they are supposed to be of great French quality. Lily has two of the Corolle Poupettes and they are so cute. I just haven't splurged on a big bucks doll yet. When I do, I think I will get the exact same bitty baby package you got. It's a lot but honestly, all of those little pieces are pricey on their own. I've priced them all seperatly in the catalog and it comes out to way more than $115. Let me know how you like the doll when you get it! Maybe my daughter will get a nice Easter surprise :) And don't you LOVE retailmenot.com ??? LOVE that site. And I am the exact same way, I google coupon codes for EVERYTHING I buy online! Lol

  2. oh girl yes!! retailmenot is awesome! hehe:) i am going to have to look up the corolle dolls now:P I seen the american girl dolls when we went to mimi's 2nd cousins' for christmas they really are sooo freaking cute in person! but i am too cheap and the bitty baby is more my budget plus i think she'd get more use of it than a toddler looking doll hehe:D I think your little girl would adore it! they shipped it today so I will def. let ya know what I think when it comes in:D