Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ethan's link, etc.

I feel kind of dumb, as I have never posted the link to Ethan's surgery journals, etc. I made the site after Ethan's surgery, but I posted very personal and private entries of all the emotions I was going through prior to knowing what his exact 'genital' condition was. So, with out further babble, if you care to know what he we've (he) has been through, please visit the site I set up to inform others who have the same conditon (b/c we couldn't find ANYTHING about his condition when we were going through it):

The short version summed up

The site I posted to below:


Yep, it's exactly as it sounds, only his wasn't a typical buried penis, it was congenital, meaning NOT buried do to a circumcision, he was born with a very insufficient lower shaft therefor his penis was completely buried under the pubic fat, we were not even allowed to circ him at birth b/c the pediatrician misdiagnosed him as having micro penis (yeah imagine going through 5 months of hell battling with trying to get answers on this one). THANK GOD though after MY persistance I finally got him seen by UNC in September of last year by the WONDERFUL pediatric urologist, Timothy Bukowski. NO pediatric urologist in our city would see us, I spent so many nights crying over it, etc etc. But Dr. Bukowski as our god send when he gave us the correct diagnosis (which was the lesser of the two evils, compared to what Ethan's pediatrician told us it was intially). Well, the link explains it all, it's too much to repeat, but I am very greatful for Dr. Bukowski and his correct diagnosis and for preforming the surgery to release Ethan's trapped/buried penis. He used the foreskin to reconstruct the underside shaft in order for him to have a 'normal penis'.

Enough about PENIS' already! :D haha! but, yeah, I made that blog for the sole purpose of helping other parents being told their kid has a micro penis when he really doesn't and for those whose babies are born with a congenital trapped/buried penis so that they can find our more info. I will post before and after surgery photos within the next month, I just have been overwhelmed.

Don't go thinking I am gross, but when your kid needs a major surgery like that as a baby and you google for hours on end just to see what is 'normal' and can't find any photos of that particular surgery it's NERVE wracking, so I figured I WOULD do it to help other parents see what to expect.

Again, that was the biggest thing I prayed to go right last year, well, first that he didn't have the micro penis and second that the surgery would go well. God came and answered both prayers, and again, Dr. Bukowski is just WONDERFUL. We owe him a lot for not only helping our baby boy, but for also FINALLY helping clear our wrecked nerves (more so mine). lol

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  1. POOR BABY BOY! And poor mommy! What a nightmare to have gone through all of that, and to have suffered not knowing exactly what he had or what it would mean for his future. I am SO glad he is ok now, I can't imagine how much it would have hurt him to grow up thinking something was wrong with his body. Poor little guy. I applaud you for being public about it, honestly, a lot of mothers would probably choose not to confront the situation and then the next mother who went through it would be completely lost and confused.