Saturday, February 13, 2010

The kid's birthday outfits..

Today I went to children's place in the mall b/c I had a 15% off entire purchase coupon, I knew exactly what I wanted for MiMi, I think black and white is timeless and classic and so I went with this dress, and in person is sooo gorgeous! I made mimi try it on and she said she felt like a princess lol! it was 39 bucks but whatever I WANTED IT and she loved it:

Then I got these shoes for right under 20:

and then you know i had to get a headband b/c those were only 2 for 5:
her total was like 58 for everything.

Then I went with the majority vote on what everyone said and got Ethan the old navy outfit w/ the light blue plaid bermuda's and white collared oxford shirt.

They are not taking photos together so I figured i didn't have to worry about my kids matching. But I can tell you the day after the snow (that already melted) haha..yeah the roads are ridiculous, maybe all those last minute Valentine shoppes..whatever the reason, I am staying home the rest of the day.

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  1. I just went through the whole birthday picture outfit thing too, what a nightmare! I'm not a photographer so I never have any ideas what colors look best or whats too much and so on... I ended up at Gymboree with a 20% coupon and got some great outfits for about $63.00 total. I haven't been to TCP in awhile but we loooove Old Navy around here! When is your sons birthday?