Thursday, February 4, 2010

A creepy craigs list tale (worth blogging)

Generally speaking, we are always paycheck/paycheck living. I mean our bills get paid, sometimes they are a little behind, but never the less, we don't have much room in terms of extra cash.

I have been trying to find our son a decent used dresser that I could purchase for cheap and fix up myself with the help of a sander and some paint..

I admit I have browsed craigs list daily in search of said item, and usually I get no response when messaging a person, or they tell me it's already sold (drats, just my luck!) hehe.

So earlier I was once again browsing the craigs list furniture section for my local city and saw the title said something along the lines of "flea infested couch". I thought to myself, what in the hell? Who is selling a flea infested couch and DAMN they are BRUTALLY honest.

When I opened it up I found the story was actually opposite and cringed:
Flea infested CL couches


We have had fleas before, and I know first hand they are ANNOYING to get rid of! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, so reading that post really made my skin crawl. But it also made me think, how many people do this? Have a bug problem and sell their bug infested furniture?

I have to admit after reading that I don't think I will EVER purchase fabric furniture from ANYONE I DO NOT KNOW. I almost want to sent the couple an email of sympathy.

I think in short, I am done browsing craigs list for the day.


  1. Craigslist can be scary! Although I have to admit, I love browsing it. I don't know why. Most of it is stuff I would never even buy, but I can't help looking.

    We bought our daughter a dresser from Walmart for (I think)$60 or $70. It was intended to be a "just-for-now" dresser and it's actually held up so amazingly well that we've decided to keep it. I can probably find the link to it if you're interested, it comes in the 3 main colors (pine, black, or white)

  2. The listing got flagged and is being removed, so I couldn't read the story. Would've been interesting though. I've really never been on Craig's List before (heard to many stories), but that had to have been bad with fleas.

    You have a nice blog here! I'm a new follower! Thanks for stopping by the other day. (I wanted to swing by here, but got distracted by the kiddos.)

  3. Ashley, I would LOVE the link:) That is a really good deal! Sabrina said she got hers there cheap too, every time i go i always find the 150 + ones, and well I am a bit of a cheap person LOL:D I also spend a lot of time browsing craigs list, I guess half of it is boredom and the other half curiousity to see what others have (sad, I know lol).

    Kitschalicious, thank you:D and nooo I hate that it was flagged because it was really crazy! lol.

  4. Here is the one we bought:

    And here is the link to the pine colored one:

    I think it's an awesome little dresser for $60, we've never had a single issue with it. It took like an hour to put together, that's really the only complaint I have.