Saturday, February 6, 2010

Holy flooded crawlspace..

I guess I should have taken a picture to really show the ridiculous amounts of water that our crawlspace had. It was BAD, not just a little bit but FULL OUT FLOODING!

It started with terminix coming to do their quarterly inspection (I hate them, they are always late to our home, or they show up HOURS before they were scheduled to show up). Usually the technician that comes does a shoddy job. I have caught one spray one window and leave my home before, imagine the shock when I called to report they hadn't done the job as they were supposed to do and I was home the entire time waiting to see if they were going to do the job or not! Another time they were cheap and told us they ran out of spray..uhm, WHAT?!

To be fair for every crappy technician we have had we have also had a super one. So I am still waiting on the good one to come along, because today's tech was just plain HORRIBLE.

But, he did alert us that he couldn't get in our crawl to inspect because of water. I thought oh gee, guy come one, are you afraid of a little water?

Later on I saw oh no, it was bad! First of all the crawlspace well (the dip in the ground that literally looks like a boxed well where the crawlspace door is was POOLED with water). I thought DANG it rained but was it THAT bad?

Doug was shoveling it out by the bucket load, an hour later after that we open the door to see a good 8 inches of standing water. OH HELL.

It as BAD. I immediately thought, OKAY, there must be a leak? right? so I tested the toilet, it was a few drips per flush (I guess we need YET AGAIN, ANOTHER seal) Then I tested the tub..nope..nothing.

What in the world?

In the meanwhile we are borrowing a sump pump to drain out all the water (frowns).

So upon my internet googling, I have learned others have the same issue in older homes with crawlspace wells; the water gets in after a few days of heavy rain.

Well hello, now I know why I see a couple termites a year out there but *knock on wood* they have yet to actually manifest themselves in our structure. MOISTURE IS EVIL to crawlspaces!

So that being said, we just may be on the hunt to find one of those fancy dance crawlspace encapsulation systems.

Just gosh, I remember a while back I had gotten a quote online and it was 6 thousand.


Oh is home ownership ever so costly.

But sadly, I think it will be worth every dime.

Sadly, I will never see a return on that investment if we sell.

Such is life. AT LEAST it isn't a plumbing issue. (that we know of).

I hate this old house, but i love it.

65 rancher, you have nickel and dimed us but you are still our home.

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  1. The first thing we did after we bought our 65's money-pit was to put in a french drain in our basement as well as 2 crawlspaces. Cost us a pretty penny but when it rains, I am able to enjoy it rather than worry if my basement is flooding.