Monday, February 15, 2010

As of late..

I am at loss for words about what's been going on as of late, instead I'll just share some photos, because a ton has been going on and I really don't wish to bore anyone:)

First, it snowed..enough so, infact, that mimi could make her very first snow man:

ooh mr. snow man was a cutie pa-toot w/ his little spiraled orange potpourie (spell??) nose :

Then Valentine's day reared it's ugly head, but I wasn't forgotten, oh no. A year ago today I saw Ethan on 4d ultrasound for the first time, I was in love, this year I got tulips and m.kay lotions:

Ever find that you don't have a vase?

Me too. Nothing a cleaned out starbucks frap bottle can't fix:

The kids were cute too for Valentine's:

Bubby wasn't too sure what to think of it all:

But yes, Bubby desperatley needs his first haircut, it shall be done SOON!

And then today MiMi wanted to just take a couple pictures with her new headband, so be it:

That about sums up some of the week :)

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  1. Your snowman looks awesome compared to mine. We went outside thinking "Yeah! Snowman time! This is gonna be so much fun!" and then after trying to roll the snow around and not having much luck, the whole plan started to go down the drain. Our snow just did NOT want to shape! I will post a pic in a bit.