Sunday, December 4, 2011

Building it myself..and a few super cheap Christmas toys..

One day I was literally sitting down at the computer desk and looked over. My eyes met an old 70's wooden speaker box. For some reason the light bulb went off and my creativity went into a spur of the moment thought process that I could not shake.

Truth be told, I HATED having old clutter laying around. Yet, it was from Doug's family and I did not want to trash it because, well, you just don't do that. So, what better way to use them, than to RE PURPOSE them?

A- HA !!

And with that, the thought to make them into a Barbie house was born.

It's deeper than a traditional book shelf with plenty of space.

I won't have to spend an excess on lumber as it's in the box itself.

All for me to purchase is enough to make the triangle roof :). I have paint, I have lumber and supply.

I am GOLDEN :)

I'll buy faux wood floor samples at Lowe's (with my gift card from family) and I will purchase other odds and ends there also.

My only other dilemma was finding Barbie furniture. OH MY..eBay folks, seriously, c'mon..way too much money! So I got my coupon on. If you go down one post you see the barbie with bathtub I bought on using promo code "yoyodec" that made it right at 6 bucks.

Well the other day I was in kohl's because I had a $10 off coupon AND a 20% off coupon - that I could combine.

I saw this Barbie for 24.99 but after coupons she was only $6! YAY! Happy mama!!
I figure if I can find a few more cheapy sets like this - she will be set on the furniture part.

OH I can not wait to show this masterpiece off. Tomorrow I'll sand it down, maybe paint the next day and then this weekend I pray to have it done:) Gotta love Christmas on the cheap! :)

Speaking of cheap, I went into Family Dollar today to see what kind of toys they had. I was super surprised to see this:
Thomas the train - WOODEN puzzles!! - A set of 3 in a WOODEN box!! Too cute! Best part? Only 5 bucks! My son will love these!

I also ventured to Walgreen's, because they had a $4 off coupon applicable to all their $9.99 toys. (can use to buy up to 3). I went looking for Barbie furniture sets, to no avail.
But came back with these instead, 6 bucks for play doh (full sizes) and accessories? OH SO CHEAP! :) And well, my daughter liked the makeup, so, hey, I had to get it, since my parents never let me use it as a child. (maybe that's why I like it so much now) haha.

What great toy deals have you snagged as of late? DO share:)

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