Friday, December 9, 2011

Faux Sheep Skin Throw: Pottery Barn Vs. Kohl's Sherpa Throw

When I received the holiday edition of Pottery Barn's catalog, I noticed this beauty, almost immediately:

Worth the money? Certainly. Too broke to afford it? Me too.  Have no fear, Kohl's Sonoma line carries an almost IDENTICAL Sherpa throw. I received one as a gift 3 years ago and loved it so much I had to buy some more. (BEWARE of one thing: YOU BETTER wash it EXACTLY as it says OR that super soft Sherpa will MATT up and look like hell). lol:) Trust me, I learned the hard way.

So anyway, here is Kohl's version (these are my images):
Image from my Pottery Barn Catalog beside one of the Sonoma (Kohl's) Sherpa Throws, I purchased.

The sticker price reads: $53.99
But, currently they are on sale for $16.99 online AND in the store.

Want to save even more? Go to NOW (Weekend of 12/8/11) & print the 20% off coupon on the left and bring to the store! That makes them $13.50 each!! To see this item online click here.  Visit the store and see it in person to see just how great it is :) BTW, you also earn $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 you spend. I dropped 83 there today, but got lots of great stuff!

$79 at Pottery Barn VS. $13.50 at Kohl's..??
You know which one I picked:)  I swear they are so freaking soft too!

I purchased one for each of MiMi's two teacher's & one as a gift for someone else. 

I figure for $13.50 per teacher, it is an INEXPENSIVE but valuable gift :)  I also purchased myself another one. They have many colors to chose from. I liked the tan and white this time around. I am hesitant to wash it though since I messed up with the first one I owned and ruined the soft Sherpa hehe.

Just, gotta love finding things almost EXACTLY like Pottery Barn but for DIRT cheap! :) It's great quality, as well. Just thought I'd share with my other Pottery Barn lovin' readers :)

**Disclaimer, Kohl's did not ask, nor compensate me to share this information.
 The opinions & comparisons are mine and ONLY mine.

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