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Homemade Barbie House out of Re purposed 70's wooden speakers - DONE:)

*12/26/11 Updates* I didn't want to start a new blog, but figured I'd add in the photos from Christmas morning and of the dollhouse all set up on top:)

Be sure to arrow down to see how this was made :) !

Can't believe two old dusty wooden speaker boxes and $30 in supplies made this beauty!

See how below!!
Christmas morning - She LOVED it!
All set up (w/ camera flash)

It goes perfect in her room!

Decorating the dollhouse herself w/ all the accesories she got from Santa;)

The attic bath

The bedroom (potty wouldn't fit in the attic haha)

Kitchen, oh my, Justin Bieber in a house full of Barbie? hmm haha

The one thing I didn't buy was a barbie bed $30 for a piece of plastic was absurd!! I used a cereal box, an old poodle costume she had when she was 2, an old polka dot tank top and the stuffing in the poodle's head along w/ a glue gun and tape to make the Barbie bed from scratch:

This is the cereal box, w/ the old tank top cut up and stuffed w/ the filling in the poodle costumes head piece to make up the bed/sheet set

Barbie on a fancy pink home made bed :)

I made two pillows from the old tank top and stuffed them w/ the non fluffy part of the poodle costume. LOVE!

Whelp, there she is!! The handmade Barbie house, I started out of two old 70's wooden speakers, is practically FINISHED:) In the end, I didn't end up using the faux wood flooring or tiles I bought, b/c I felt it took away from it's cute shabby chic/whimsical look.

Instead of using scrap book paper for wall paper, I decided that simple would look best.

 I opted to use supplies I had on hand.

 I used the same old can of pink paint my father used in my sister's bedroom, that he later gave me for MiMi's closet and taped off lines and...
...the handmade Barbie house's walls were done.

The same day I was in Hobby Lobby purchasing the shingles, I happened to see a mini chandelier in the photo isle, and thought to myself, "NOW, THAT would be adorable". Being cheap, I went home and waited to print another 40% off coupon.

Today, I went back and got my mini chandelier for $9. We had to take it up some, but it was perfect!
love. love. love!!

I did buy some finials for the feet, but ultimately decided against them (plan to use them on a nightstand later).

So let's recap this whole process:
Two speaker boxes = FREE
I gutted, sanded and primed and painted and nailed them together.

Used scrap wood that was left over from our farmhouse bed we built to build up the 3rd story, and used a $6 sheet of plywood to form the actual roof and connected, primed and painted all that:

Tediously and annoyingly glued EACH tiny shingle onto the roof ($15 for two bags)

Spray painted the shingles with Krylon's "ballet slipper pink" spray paint (which was left over spray paint from my daughter's ceiling fan revamp project):

Used painter's tape to section off and paint stripes with paint we already had:

Added a $9 mini tea light candle chandelier found by complete accident at Hobby Lobby (after 40% off coupon):
And for some recycled materials, and a grand total of $30 and some manual labor, you have a BEAUTIFUL homemade Barbie doll house!
When my daughter opens all her barbie furniture on Christmas she can put it wherever she likes:) I still plan to make the bed and sofa from scratch, but for now this will do:)

And, I am telling you, dear readers, whenever you see something laying around that you think you may want to trash, first thing outside the box (or speaker box ;) - and re purpose it if you can). This was such a fun project to make and on such a low budget. I just couldn't justify spending $149+ for the plastic barbie dream home. NO WAY.

So for $30 to build this and about $70 in barbie furniture AND 8 new barbie dolls she had a REAL WOOD home, WITH NICE furniture AND Barbies. Even the plastic barbie dream house didn't come with the barbie dolls :)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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