Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photographing my children: Christmas Photos

I spent today taking a few Christmas photos of my little ones. The wind was so strong today, that I didn't get many..and..essentially, that is my own fault for procrastinating.

I am however, pleased with what I did manage to come up with. So broke this year, that buying new holiday outfits were out of the question. Thankfully MiMi's from last year still fit. Ethan's was a bit of everything. The sweater he got as a Christmas gift last year, the plaid under shirt was off thredup, and the pants, well, I believe they were a hand me down :)

See that little old red suite case? That's from the early 80's. I remember packing my toys in it when we went back to Germany to visit my Oma. I thought it would make a cute prop.

I took these at the train depot downtown. - I actually used to work at the subway in the same building. Old + New. Can't go wrong. **PLEASE** ignore the fact that these images look pixelated (they aren't in real life) I just haven't figured out a way for them to compress into smaller sized with out pixelating, because the resolution is so high on the originals. - Yep, some things baffle me and are beyond me. lol...

peaking through the slat in the door

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