Wednesday, December 14, 2011

.. Handmade / Repurposed Speaker Barbie House in Progress..

Have you been following my blogs? If you've been watching the progress of turning 70's wooden speakers into a 2.5 story handmade barbie house; here's a follow up blog.

 If you haven't, click here to read a previous blog on how we've been doing this.
So, on the last blog I had started to prime the boxes. 3 coats of primer later (for safe measure) the old speaker boxes have been nailed together. The half story has been added to the top box & the roof has been built.

Once they are all connected, I will prime the roof and half story on top then paint. Once that is done, the decorating can commence. SO pleased!

I only face one more decision. I decided I wanted to add furniture legs (finials) for added character/charm. I just don't know which to chose:
I am thinking the photo on the left. They come in packs of 2, so I'll need two (2 packs).

To think, they started off like this:
This just may be my fav. re purpose project ever :))

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