Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY school photos

I've never been a fan of how the school photographs my child. Usually it's not a photographer thing, but the fact it could be after lunch or recess that your child is photographed and he/she never looks as on point as when they left your house. So I took it upon myself to do it myself.

CHEAPER; I get to put her hair how I like it and position her in the most flattering pose. (I mean for a head shot). Believe it or not sometimes a tilt can make a world of difference. :D

Anyway - This is NOTHING more than a digital backdrop and a straight out of camera pose taken from my kitchen. I didn't have to retouch her face b/c I don't like airbrushing children for this type of photo.
Before, natural lighting with flash (click to enlarge)

After: Super Imposed Digital Backdrop/Dodge and Burn Edges.
No facial retouching (minus removing a stray hair).
Or refer to initial image up top for closer traditional crop.

Super imposed and there ya have it! A school photo for tons less! I print these babies at shutterfly or kodakgallery and usually end up with great quality.

I usually charge $10 to do these head shots and my client gets the CD with the high resolution image to print at their own leisure. Much cheaper than the school would charge some one and or Wal Mart. And no skimp on quality.

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