Saturday, December 10, 2011

Handmade / Re purposed Barbie House out of Old Speakers Part I

A few (or more) blogs down, I posted about how I had this wild idea to make a Barbie Dream House out of old 70's wooden speakers.

Well, I have to tell ya, that idea has come to near full fruition.

You see, once I have a wild idea, I tend to go with it (if my budget allows). We all know I am a broke mama trying to do my best. And we all know I was not about to drop $149-180 on the plastic Barbie Dream House.

So, here are some photos of the process. Still a little ways to go, but progress is better than nothing:

One of the 70's wooden speaker boxes (that will make up the Handmade Barbie Dream House)

Speaker boxes GUTTED

Gutted Speaker Box

Speaker Boxes Stacked to show how tall it will be (less roof)

Stacked speaker boxes w/ Barbie inside to show scale

Handmade Barbie Dream House Flooring: $2.47 for vinyl hardwood strips (bought 2)
& $6 for back splash tile (for bathroom)
The only lumber we purchased $6 for the roof/3rd floor

1st floor primed (coat 1)

1 primed box, 1 sanded box, the roof and interior walls

Some of the Barbie kitchen sets we bought  w/ coupons & sales = CHEAPER than used on eBay:)
Some even come with Barbie's CAN NOT beat that anywhere!

So, there ya have it, the progress of the handmade Barbie house SO FAR. I love to re purpose things. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Especially when it saves me money & makes a QUALITY item CHEAPER than a brand new plastic item.  The only thing I have left to purchase are the ball feet for the bottom of this handmade Barbie house (not sure what they are actually called) and some carpet. TRUST when I reveal this it is going to look AMAZING! :) So far  I have only spent $14 in actual materials & about 76 in Barbie's & furniture. Everything else I have so $90 will have a SOLID wood piece that won't easily break with WAY more furniture AND dolls than the Barbie Dream Town House has and saving about 79 bucks :) Win/Win :)

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