Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hand Made Barbie House Progress

A little update on the home made Barbie house we are building MiMi.

We searched EVERYWHERE for cheap Barbie furniture. Goodwill was empty, craigslist yielded NO results, and EBay? Well.. Let's just say folks there are insanely expensive. I figured since we are saving so much NOT buying the Barbie Dream House we'd splurge on the furniture sets - NEW!

K Mart ended up being the cheapest.

Tonight we purchased:
Barbie Sister's Beauty Bathroom w/ Doll
For $26 ($1 cheaper on K Mart) everywhere else we checked wanted $30.

We also purchased:
Barbie Dream Kitchen with Doll
For $26 @ K Mart. As you can see from the link above it's right at $40 at amazon and other retailers.

The last thing I purchased tonight was:
Barbie Treats to TV Refridgerator
On Sale for $12 at K Mart. As you can see from the above link it is $26 at amazon & other retailers.

Earlier in the week I purchased both the bath tub w/ doll and kitchen set w/ doll for right at $6 each:

In total on furniture & dolls (included) We spent right at $76.

It sounds like a lot, BUT, hear me out..

These were the CHEAPEST prices I could find (even cheaper than used). PLUS they came with dolls.

The barbie dream house she wanted was $145 (cheapest) but usually $179 everywhere else. The Barbie Dream House had NO DOLLS, and flimsy cheap quality furniture.

So on average we save $100 or more AND her hand made Barbie house comes WITH barbies and NICE high quality Barbie furniture:)

I plan to sand and paint this weekend and then possibly do the reveal. (I won't add the furniture though as all the gift sets will be wrapped for MiMi for Christmas).

So you'll see the big picture on Christmas day:)

I am sooo sooo sooo EXCITED!! Going to Lowe's tomorrow to get the laminate wood flooring pieces and the back splash tile for the bathroom. This is going to be so fancy! :) Way better than a flimsy over priced piece of plastic.


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